What are Toasty Toes?!

Its our range of comfy slippers, perfect for indoor wear when you need to kick off those shoes after a long day. While they are perfect for chilly days, they are equally perfect for warmers days when you dont feel like wearing shoes but you dont want to be barefeet or on the days you simply want to chill😉

Toasty toes are perfect for anyday

They will keep your feet comfy, snug and toasty.

Made with an outside layer of cotton lycra or soft knit, an inside layer of soft and cozy bubble minky, perfect for keeping your feet comfy and snug. Lined with a third layer of fleece (not visible to the eye) to offer comfort, warmth and insulation. The soles of Toasty toes are non slip to offer a better grip on slippery floors.

While our slippers are durable, they are not recommended for outside wear. This will impact the life span of your slippers as they will wear down alot faster.

our slippers are machine washable to allow for easy and convenient cleaning.

Sizing are based on the length of your feet. Size charts can be found on the size guide tab on the website, print options will be available to select when purchasing. Toasty toes will be available to purchase online soon! Keep an eye on our store and grab your pair in your chosen size and print😉